Toymax's Metal Molder: the Die-Cast Factory, let's you make neat little things out of metal. I know it's not really a "Thingmaker" or "Creepy Crawlers" item, but it's similar because you use molds to make creatures, coins, and other neat things. The difference is, instead of putting goop in the molds, you use molten metal. What fun! It's really a neat little toy. There are quite a few molds available, and hopefully they'll still make a few more as time goes on. You can click on any picture below for a close-up view.

Here's the main kit. It comes with the oven, 4 different molds (8 halves), some vials of metal to melt, and a few misc items to make rings, etc. The process is pretty simple. You put the rubber mold in the oven, put some metal pellets in the melting area, close it up, and turn it on. When the metal is hot enough, you turn a crank, which pours the molten metal into the mold. You wait till it's cool, and then you pop it out of the mold. Very neat.



Accessories include refill boxes of pellets, and mold kits like SpaceShips (pictured) & Cars.



When the new Lost World molds came out for Toymax's Creepy Crawlers line, they also came out with a couple Lost World mold kits for the Metal Molder. You can make cool Dinosaurs and extremely detailed coins with these new kits.


Here's a mixture of item you use with the Metal Molder. Vials of metal pellets, mold halves, and some things I made. Click on the Dinos to see the fine detail in a close-up view. The coins are just slightly smaller than a quarter.


All in all, the Metal Molder Die-Cast Factory is very cool. It's a pretty good value for the money. You can find it for about $25 - $30 or so. It's a different twist on making things out of metal instead of plastic. I hope Toymax makes a few more mold kits, to enhance the variety of things you can make.


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