Toymax revived Creepy Crawlers in 1992. They came out with a great product line. It started out with just the oven, and a flyer that advertised 3 additional accessory mold packs and some goop, "available early Fall". Since their set worked basically the same way Mattel's original did (cook liquid plastic in metal molds), it was a success. This time around, with probably a billion more safety standards in force, the oven was a closed one, using a light bulb instead of hot plate. Many people dislike it even today, complaining it takes too long to cook the plastic, and it's too complicated for kids to enjoy, etc. Even so, it still made way for many years of great new molds, types of goop, and ovens.

Thanks Toymax, for bringing Creepy Crawlers back to many fans who enjoyed them as kids in the 60's, and for a new generation of kids in the 90's! I hope they keep the new molds coming, and that they don't let the goop wells run dry. Below, are a few of my favorite mold paks. To see the many types of goop, visit the Goop Page.

Toymax's original Creepy Crawlers Workshop, with the "Magic Maker" oven. Also the flyer ad.


This is one of the first 3 accessory mold paks that came out.



Toymax's EEEKS molds are a little different than Mattel's, but just as detailed. Also very cool. Can never have too many EEEEKS!


Itty Bitty Insects has 2 molds with 10 tiny bugs on each!

Cobra 'N Tarantula are 2 of 6 molds that closely resemble some of Mattel's Giant Creepy Crawlers molds.

These are 3 fantastic sets. "Join'ems" is a set of molds that contained interchangeable parts to make monsters & skeletons with joints.

In the 2nd set, you put wires inside specially designed "Benderoids" molds, to make creatures poseable after they're cooked.

"Bug-Eyed Brigade" has some wonderful creatures that have holes for eyes. You put some really neat pre-made eyes in the sockets after you cook them,

or you can make your own eyes, because the molds contain eyeball holes you can mold separately.


The "House of Horrors" line. Some neat Mold Paks that let you make 4 different bendable monsters, or masks, or skeleton's guts. Cool! Great box art too.

The only problem with the monster sets is that the monster heads are pre-made. So if/when you can't buy the heads from Toymax, you'll be stuck with headless monsters. The monsters came with some neat stands, backdrops, and little "extras" on the molds themselves. I always said they should try to use up as much space on the molds as possible, with small things related to the main part of the mold. Mattel did a great job with this, and Toymax has been getting better and better at this.


Some cool licenses: Spiderman, and Toy Story. Other licenses include Batman, X-Men, and soon to be released: The Lost World!


The Super Oven cooks the newer large-size molds; or 2 small molds at the same time.

This is my favorite oven. I wish Toymax would make more giant molds specifically for this oven.


Some of the new mold paks that will only fit in the Super Oven.

Create-A-Creature is neat because you built a mold out of 3 different mold pieces. There are 9 mold pieces total to choose your 3 from.

Super Sized Beetles & Scorpions are cool because they contained a 2 sided mold, with the flip side containing the bottom of the creature being molded. When you put them together with little plastic pegs, the creature looked very 3D. There were 3 mold paks for this type of Super set. Each one came with a double-sided mold for making one creature, and another mold with an insert for making a different creature. The ones with the inserts were very realistic looking.



The latest oven, the Creature Creator Workshop. A smaller oven, that comes with molds that are very 3D-like.

A series of 3D type molds came out to accompany the new oven. Some of the newer ones came with a top mold piece, that screwed on, to make very realistic 3D bugs, spiders, and my favorite: lizards. The finished creatures actually had a top and a bottom, fused together. These sets also had a tiny little 2D bug as "prey" on the molds. Great idea!


Another interesting series, "Goop Goodies". They come packaged somewhat like Mattel's old Mold Paks, except you only get one mold here. But you do get some accessories related to the molds, like magnets, clips, key chains, etc. There are 6 different mold types in this series. Each type having 4 different molds. The different type are: Magnets, Badges, Pencil Toppers, Key Chains, Picture Frames, and Clips. Strangely, I've only seen these available at K-Mart stores. I believe this mold series coincided with the release of the Goop FX pens.

The Bug Zoo.


Thanks Toymax for reviving Creepy Crawlers !!!


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